1-introduction match

Brazil is passively dominant with its rich elements, and Serbia, with its amazing organization, made the Samba children away from the penalty area, except in decent times, which were spoiled by the Serbian defense.

I see in it the same scenario as the Japanese against the Germans.. Serbia is trading with Brazil until the moment, and it seems that Tite is looking for half the spaces by passing behind the backs through Neymar, Casemiro and even Thiago.. and times by passing longitudinally behind the defenders, but that did not succeed until the moment.

I will assure you that between the two halves, Tite went to Neymar a little and said to him .. I need you closer to the penalty areas, and instead of being a creative midfielder, I need you to be under the striker a little bit, this is in order to transfer the danger in a great way there, so we saw a difference in Neymar was stationed between the first and the second half, and thanks to that change, the first goal came with a total contribution from the man, and this is what I emphasized between the two halves.

What is beautiful about the current Brazil is that if the system betrays you, the skill of your players and the wealth that you possess will save you, and if your basic squad fails you, the alternatives will compensate you because there are terrifying names on the bench.. and in every position there is an alternative for the offensive side.

Brazil ends its first exit with a double against # Serbia .. And the beautiful thing about the double is that we saw a fabulous goal in it by Richarlison, and that is not strange for all Brazilians .. But the more beautiful thing is that Serbia lost the match and did not lose the honor .. There are those who lost both of them in the first Go out and he might lose more in the presence of the matador.. This is about the female side. As for the other side, I think that Gassama and his clan and all his relatives will not save you from the grip of Brazil, Samuel. Neji stayed for the attack. It has two lines of attack, one of the best in the world, to the extent that four came out and four others entered, and I preferred with the same efficiency, skill, and speed. It is very normal, building attacks, so relying entirely on receiving Neymar from the middle, then he starts advancing with an exchange of passes until he enters between the lines or runs between the depth and the edge of the opponent at Vinicius The one who will move with space and then set off to shoot or play the cross. As for the other side, the arrival of the ball to Rafinha comes through long reverse passes with space for him, or that Rafinha takes the ball himself with his deadly transformations from defense to attack, or extracts the ball with high pressure forward The one that every Brazilian attack applies with the midfield and full backs, and this is the most important weapon to take advantage of all these skills in spaces..

2-Richarlison's goal.

Richarlison's idea as a striker?! Likewise, I liked Richarlison, my friends. When he came out, I found his statistics saying that he ran 9.1 kilometers per match, and this is a very high rate for a striker who played only 80 minutes and his team controlled the ball. The idea is when Brazil turns with a rebound from the sides, Neymar starts moving behind the opponent’s midfield and the ball reaches him between the middle And the defense of Serbia, so the defense is withdrawn and moved from its areas and the spaces between them expand because Richarlison is a worker who moves across the field or turns from a defensive state to an offensive one by arriving in the area during the arrival of the cross and not staying in the area waiting for the cross because Brazil, as I said, presses the High Block from the front with 8 players and Richarlison is among them with an intense run Against the hearts of the defense and then ask for the ball behind them in the event of cutting the ball, and if you notice the two goals, one from behind the defender in the blind corner and the second coming from the borders of the region into the interior without control, this is the value that you have a striker whose origin is a wing and benefit from his speed by pressing, turning, escaping from control and owning the ball easily with the last breath. .

When Richarlison first arrived in Europe as a Brazilian player playing in the Premier League, we introduced him to his interesting goals and strange ways of scoring them, taking advantage of his terrible physical flexibility by surprising the defenders in how he shot the ball. This is different from his skill, the strength of his shots, and his physical strength. With the far corner or his shots from outside the 18th from long distances, any Brazilian player is an attacking winger who always makes play.

And if you are a genuine fan of Brazil, then you know that Richarlison was the outright striker for Brazil in the World Cup qualifiers, during which he scored 6 goals. In defensive roles with the support of the full back, by entering the penalty area as an imaginary striker and requesting a ball between the lines with his smartest position in the 18th and exploiting his speed by turning from the side to the penalty area without control to develop by playing with the head, whether scoring goals or receiving long balls even physically, he developed and became fierce in conflicts, whether ground or air and whether in depth Or the party all this away from its original version of the speed of transformation into skills by penetrating as a winger or an authentic Brazilian striker..

-Brazil d d not disappoint. It proved that it deserves to be described as a strong candidate for the title

A terrible amount of skills, solutions and beautiful ideas... eventually conquered Serbia's defense.